Caring for your newborn

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 Taking care of a newborn baby comes as a challenge especially to first-time parents. Most first time parents feel as if they are not doing the right thing when handling their newborn baby.

At this time of your life, it is important to seek help from specialists. A newborn baby feels small and fragile this is the reason why it is advisable to handle them with a lot of care.

Their fragility of a newborn baby is intimidating, especially if you have not spent a lot of time around them.

  1. Handling a newborn baby

Below are some few basics on how to handle a newborn baby:

  • Sanitize or wash your hands

Newborn babies have a high risk of getting infections this is because they do not have a strong immune system. Therefore, everyone who handles your baby should wash or sanitize their hands.

  • Hold up the baby’s head and neck

When holding the baby it is important to support the head and neck to stabilize the whole body. Holding them close to you is also a form of communication to your baby, it’s a sign of showing them love and care.

  • Avoid shaking your newborn

Shaking a newborn baby is a health risk, it could cause bleeding in the brain which may result. If you are playing with your baby do not shake them instead tickle their feet.

  1. Bonding

Physical closeness with a baby creates an emotional connection. Attachments contribute to the emotional growth of a baby which also affects the physical growth of a baby.

As a parent, you could begin bonding with your baby by cradling and gently stroking them on the backs or legs. You could also hold your baby against your skin when feeding them.

Also massaging your baby after a bath enhances bonding and infant growth and development. Some babies love vocal sounds such as singing and cooing, this stimulates the baby’s hearing.

  1. Diapering

Newborn baby dirty diapers about 10 times a day, thus it is important to change the baby’s diaper frequently. Before changing the diapers, you should ensure you have the necessary supplies within your reach so you won’t have to leave the baby unattended when getting the supplies.

If a baby stays long with a dirty diaper, they are prone to diaper rash (which is red and bumpy). They may go away with frequent changing of the diapers, cleaning the baby, and applying some diaper cream before diapering the baby.


  1. Bathing the baby

A newborn baby should be given a sponge bath until the umbilical cord falls off and the navel heals completely. The baby should be cleaned with a clean washcloth, unscented soap, and a clean towel.

After a few months, the baby is then introduced to tub baths, the first baths should be gentle and brief. The water should be warm and clean bath supplies should be used.


Taking care of a new baby may be scary and worrying, but with the right knowledge on how to do so may be of great help.





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