Since your precious child came into your life, every day has been an adventure of wonder and discovery as your experience the world through your child's eyes. Every moment is more valuable than ever before, and don't those moments just fly by?

There is joy in watching your child grow and change, and yet a part of you longs to hang on to this time while they are small. Let me capture the sweet innocence of today in a portrait of your baby that you will treasure always. This first year is the most important in their life as they go through so many changes.

Newborn - 3 months: There is a pure and total enjoyment to just sit, hold, and watch your sleeping baby at this age. This is a perfect age to begin your fine art collection of your baby's life. From contrasting the small smooth hands to the rough giant hands of dad to the bonding moments between mom and baby. These first images are priceless 

6 - 8 months: Halfway through the first year is certainly a time to capture. Portraits hold time still, though babies do not at this age! Now, exploring their own hands and feet grows into exploring the world around them. Strong enough to sit up, they continue to develop their unique personality and are usually outgoing.

12 months: Active could best describe this age! Crawling, walking, or climbing are the challenges. Personalities are becoming more developed and now, baby can throw kisses, wave bye-bye and mimic sounds and gestures. A candid relaxed approach is taken and not worrying to much about poses. 








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