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Hey there, blushing brides-to-be in Charlotte, Lake Lure, and Asheville, NC (and surrounding areas)! We know that planning your dream wedding can be both exhilarating and overwhelming. Amidst all the excitement, there's one crucial question that might be running through your mind: how much time should you allocate for photography on your big day? Fear not, because we've got a quirky and informative guide to help you strike the perfect balance between capturing memories and living in the moment.

Snap-happy Starters: Pre-Ceremony Prep

As the sun rises on your wedding day, you're probably feeling a mix of emotions that deserve to be immortalized in pixels. Kick off the photography festivities with some pre-ceremony shots. Capture those candid moments as you slip into your dress, share laughs with your bridal party, and maybe even shed a happy tear or two. Allow around 1-2 hours for this photo-op bonanza.

Ceremonious Clicks: Saying "I Do"

The moment you've been waiting for has arrived – it's time to walk down the aisle in Charlotte, Lake Lure, or Asheville! Your ceremony is the heart of your wedding, so plan to allocate 30 minutes to an hour for capturing those vows, ring exchanges, and that all-important kiss. Trust us, these photos will make you smile for years to come.

Picture-Perfect Poses: Post-Ceremony Brilliance

After the confetti has settled and the rice has been thrown, it's time for some fabulous post-ceremony portraits. Take advantage of your picturesque surroundings – whether it's the charming streets of Charlotte, the tranquil lakeside of Lake Lure, or the mountainous beauty of Asheville. Dedicate around 1-1.5 hours for creative couple shots and bridal party poses that reflect your unique personalities.

Delightful Delays: Reception Merriment

Now, let's talk about the reception, where the real party begins! During this lively time, don't forget to capture heartfelt speeches, fun dance moves, and the sheer joy on your guests' faces. Allocate roughly 2-3 hours to capture the essence of your reception in all its candid glory. This is also a great time for a photo booth to catch those goofy moments!

Twilight Treats: Sunset Serenade

As the sun starts to dip below the horizon, seize the opportunity for some magical golden hour shots. The soft, warm light of sunset adds an enchanting touch to your wedding album. Plan for about 20-30 minutes to sneak away with your photographer and capture the romance of the moment, whether you're in Charlotte, by the shores of Lake Lure, or in the charming embrace of Asheville.

Late-Night Laughs: Dancing the Night Away

The dance floor is where stories unfold in spontaneous bursts of laughter and rhythm. Capture these memorable moments with a final 1-2 hours of photography time. Let your hair down, bust a move, and let your photographer snap away as you dance the night away with your loved ones.

In Conclusion: Time Well Spent

There you have it, lovely brides! Allocating time for photography on your wedding day is about striking a balance between making memories and capturing them. From pre-ceremony excitement to dancing the night away, each moment deserves its own spotlight.

Remember, this journey is unique to you, just like your love story. Your wedding day timeline is yours to customize and cherish.

So, go on and embrace the magic of the moment – and let your trusty photographer worry about capturing it all in stunning detail!


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Unveiling the Magic of Google Reviews: Because Stars Speak Louder Than Words! https://www.darbydollphotography.com/blog/2023/8/unveiling-the-magic-of-google-reviews-because-stars-speak-louder-than-words

Hey there, fellow photo aficionados! 📸 Ready to dive into the enchanting world of Google reviews? In this pixel-perfect blog post, we're going to unravel why these shiny little stars hold the key to unlocking your photography kingdom. Buckle up, because we're about to embark on a review-tastic journey!

  1. Snap Credibility Like a Pro: Alright, imagine this: You're searching for a photographer to capture those Instagram-worthy moments. Would you trust the one with zero reviews or the one with a constellation of glittering 5-star ratings? Ding, ding! We have a winner! Positive Google reviews are like trusty sidekicks that vouch for your photography prowess and convince potential clients that you're the real deal.

  2. The Glitz of Social Proof: Humans are like magpies – we're drawn to shiny things. And let's be honest, a page filled with raving reviews is like a treasure chest of trust. The more sparkling reviews you have, the more likely clients are to believe in your camera wizardry. It's social proof in action, and it's about as irresistible as a cupcake at a dessert buffet.

  3. Ranking Rockstar: Picture this: You're the star of a search engine red carpet event, and the paparazzi are none other than search results. Google reviews are your VIP pass to the front row! Google loves a good review fiesta, and the more they see, the higher you'll shimmy up the search ladder. More eyeballs on your work mean more chances to dazzle potential clients!

  4. Negative? Not a Drama Llama: Oopsie-daisy, you got a not-so-shiny review. Fear not, because it's your chance to don the superhero cape of customer satisfaction. Responding gracefully to a less-than-glowing review shows you're a pro at customer care, and that bad review might just do a 180° pirouette into a positive impression.

  5. Say Cheese to Uniqueness: In a galaxy of photographers, how do you stand out? Simple – with your constellation of Google reviews, of course! Clients are more likely to choose a photographer who's been applauded by fellow Earthlings. Your reviews are your spotlight, so don't be afraid to let your stars shine!

  6. Review Roulette: Engage and Win! Reviews aren't just one-sided speeches; they're the life of the party, and you're the host! Responding to reviews – the good, the funny, and the occasionally quirky – turns clients into friends. Remember, you're not just capturing moments; you're creating connections!

 Ta-da! We've uncovered the secret behind those Google review stars, and it's like


discovering a new photo filter that makes everything look extra fabulous. 🌟 So, gear up and embrace the review rodeo – they're your ticket to dazzling credibility, social proof that sparkles, and a search engine dance-off you'll totally win. Here's to capturing memories and reviews that are as unforgettable as a double rainbow! 📷🌈


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Our Top Free Wedding Planning Resources!! https://www.darbydollphotography.com/blog/2021/11/our-top-free-wedding-planning-resources

Connecting With Vendors

Instead of just searching Google, try connecting with vendors online. Research reviews, portfolios, contact information, and more!




Triad Bridal Association

Triad Weddings Magazine

Carolina Weddings Show

Forever Bridal


Online Registries

Register online and post links to your wedding website!





Wedding Websites

Build your custom wedding website using a free platform or subscribe for greater customization.









Ideas, inspiration, and more!

















Triad Weddings Magazine



Have questions?

We have answers! Contact us today to talk about your wedding day, your photography needs, and all things wedding related. We're here to help!

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Bridal's at the Esquire https://www.darbydollphotography.com/blog/2020/10/bridals-at-the-esquire Wow, where do I even begin?!

I recently had the chance to photograph this gorgeous bride at The Esquire Hotel in downtown Gastonia.  Truly an amazing spot packed full of historic features mixed with high class elegance.  

(Darby-Doll Photography) asheville wedding photographer charlotte engagement gastonia Gastonia wedding married NC north Carolina photography wedding https://www.darbydollphotography.com/blog/2020/10/bridals-at-the-esquire Sun, 18 Oct 2020 18:48:08 GMT
Save the dates! https://www.darbydollphotography.com/blog/2020/9/save-the-dates

The Perfect Save the Date Cards to Mark Your Big Day
Your wedding day is nigh; cupid is flying around; you can already hear the transcending chime of wedding bells drawing near; you’re anxious to proclaim your love to your soul mate; everything feels magical to you—and you wish to extend the same feeling to everyone. The best way to do this is by planning a wedding that is as unique as your love for each other. And this starts with choosing and sending the perfect Save the Dates cards.
When you think about it, ‘Save the Dates’ cards make a crucial transition in your wedding plans. It when it hits you…” I’m really getting married and I’m about to tell everyone.” It’s also when you set the tone of your big day – i.e. you set the aesthetic foundation.
If you’re searching for , your hunt stops at Basic Invite
Along with providing details of your wedding date, venue, and anything else relevant, these cards feature a bold snapshot of the couple—showcasing your unyielding love to the world.
Expert Tips: Consider using a photo of your favorite milestone as a couple or a metaphoric image that symbolizes your journey together.

For couples that don’t want to go with cuddly/cute photos on their ‘Save the Date’ card, these artistic text-only customizable samples are a sure way to keep it minimalistic. Some come in garden-inspired nuptials that are understated—but romantic nonetheless. Basic Invite gives you the freedom to choose from over 180 custom colors that can be combined to your heart's content. Just ensure they correspond to the envelopes.
To help maintain a coherent theme, each of these ‘Save the Date’ wedding invitations are part of a set—including all the wedding stationery you could possibly need such as wedding programs, wedding invitations, wedding menus, enclosure cards, and matching thank you cards.

And if none of these options tickles your fancy, Basic Invite allows you customize your wedding stationery and cards unlike any other service on the internet. We simply act as enforcers to help you create wedding invitations that are as unique as your love for each other—with nearly unlimited color palettes and custom samples.

Wedding Postponement Cards in Case…
We’re living in uncertain times. The COVID-19 pandemic disrupted every facet of society—including marriage. Some of you were forced to put off your wedding in response to safety regulations as the virus swept across the globe.
If you were one of the unfortunate victims (whose proclamation of love has to be postponed), the best you can do is make lemonade about of lemons. Consider sending out creative ‘Wedding Postponement Cards’ 
Let your family and friends take note of the new wedding plans the best way possible—with the help of Basic Invite ‘Save the Dates’ and ‘Wedding Postponement’ cards! 

Cheers to more love!









(Darby-Doll Photography) charlotte Corona Covid-19 engagement gastonia NC north Carolina photography wedding https://www.darbydollphotography.com/blog/2020/9/save-the-dates Fri, 25 Sep 2020 21:10:32 GMT
Caring for your newborn https://www.darbydollphotography.com/blog/2020/9/caring-for-your-newborn

 Taking care of a newborn baby comes as a challenge especially to first-time parents. Most first time parents feel as if they are not doing the right thing when handling their newborn baby.

At this time of your life, it is important to seek help from specialists. A newborn baby feels small and fragile this is the reason why it is advisable to handle them with a lot of care.

Their fragility of a newborn baby is intimidating, especially if you have not spent a lot of time around them.

  1. Handling a newborn baby

Below are some few basics on how to handle a newborn baby:

  • Sanitize or wash your hands

Newborn babies have a high risk of getting infections this is because they do not have a strong immune system. Therefore, everyone who handles your baby should wash or sanitize their hands.

  • Hold up the baby’s head and neck

When holding the baby it is important to support the head and neck to stabilize the whole body. Holding them close to you is also a form of communication to your baby, it’s a sign of showing them love and care.

  • Avoid shaking your newborn

Shaking a newborn baby is a health risk, it could cause bleeding in the brain which may result. If you are playing with your baby do not shake them instead tickle their feet.

  1. Bonding

Physical closeness with a baby creates an emotional connection. Attachments contribute to the emotional growth of a baby which also affects the physical growth of a baby.

As a parent, you could begin bonding with your baby by cradling and gently stroking them on the backs or legs. You could also hold your baby against your skin when feeding them.

Also massaging your baby after a bath enhances bonding and infant growth and development. Some babies love vocal sounds such as singing and cooing, this stimulates the baby’s hearing.

  1. Diapering

Newborn baby dirty diapers about 10 times a day, thus it is important to change the baby’s diaper frequently. Before changing the diapers, you should ensure you have the necessary supplies within your reach so you won’t have to leave the baby unattended when getting the supplies.

If a baby stays long with a dirty diaper, they are prone to diaper rash (which is red and bumpy). They may go away with frequent changing of the diapers, cleaning the baby, and applying some diaper cream before diapering the baby.


  1. Bathing the baby

A newborn baby should be given a sponge bath until the umbilical cord falls off and the navel heals completely. The baby should be cleaned with a clean washcloth, unscented soap, and a clean towel.

After a few months, the baby is then introduced to tub baths, the first baths should be gentle and brief. The water should be warm and clean bath supplies should be used.


Taking care of a new baby may be scary and worrying, but with the right knowledge on how to do so may be of great help.




(Darby-Doll Photography) baby charlotte gastonia NC newborn north Carolina photography https://www.darbydollphotography.com/blog/2020/9/caring-for-your-newborn Thu, 24 Sep 2020 12:16:24 GMT
Your Wedding & Covid-19 https://www.darbydollphotography.com/blog/2020/9/your-wedding-covid-19

How do you say your vows and proclaim your affection to the love of your life amid an ongoing global pandemic? The COVID-19 crisis has affected nearly every facet of our society—and even the pure and sacred institution of marriage has not been spared.

Gone are the days when you could send invitations to everyone who mattered in your life and ask them to witness your proclamation of love to one another. Social distancing and staying at home regulations are the new norm.

Some of you who had long-scheduled your weddings for 2020 might feel hard done by the turn of events. You’re probably lamenting how you’re missing out on holding your fairy tale wedding. “Why now—and why me?” But you really don’t have a choice but to accept the new reality and find a way to maneuver the chaos it brings.

Sure, things have changed—but doesn’t mean you should give up on having the best wedding (at least under the current circumstances). Most couples had to consider a paradigm shift to ensure safety even as they tie the knot. Some even have had to change their wedding plans and so forth. The following are some ideas brides should keep in mind as they plan to have a wedding during the COVID-19 pandemic:

1. Be Decisive

You will agree with me that we are living in uncertain times. Whether you are about to hold your wedding in weeks or months, you should be decisive on whether to either carry on with the wedding plans or not. For instance, if you choose to carry on with the wedding plans, you should make some changes to your plan.

This includes lowering the number of guests to invite to your weddings, looking for sanitizer suppliers, etc. You might have to change the wedding dates to ensure that you have all the pre-requisites to keep the virus at bay. Such supplies include sanitizers, face masks and so on.

2. Ensure That You Engage with Your Suppliers

Sometimes, you might be uncertain about your wedding plans. This due to the unexpected changes brought about by the novel Coronavirus. Therefore, you should keep engaging with your suppliers. They might have alternative dates that you might help you make a better decision.

You can consider their proposal rather than postponing the wedding to a later date. You can then check these dates and then check them with other suppliers. Ideally, they should coincide so that you have a colorful wedding despite COVID-19. In case the suppliers are not available, your wedding coordinator will help choose a good alternative for you.

3. Ensure That You Keep Everyone in The Loop

In case you had opted to postpone your wedding, you should ensure that all your guests are updated about these changes. This is mainly because some of them might be coming from far. Others might be coming from abroad. By informing them early enough, you will be able to avoid inconveniences in the long run.

4. Stay Positive

Although the novel Coronavirus might have brought up some unexpected changes in your wedding day, you should not be disappointed as you will still manage to tie the knot with the love of your love. Some activities might have to be forfeited for the safety’s sake of your guests.

You might have longed so much for this, but it might be unsafe to undertake these activities during the pandemic. However, this is not a call for alarm as you will eventually marry the love of your life despite the current challenges.

What is the Takeaway?

COVID-19 might have made you reconsider a few things on your wedding day. The above are some of the ideas that can help you make a better decision and have a colorful wedding day despite the novel Coronavirus's challenges. Consider these ideas, and you will have a successful wedding day.



(Darby-Doll Photography) https://www.darbydollphotography.com/blog/2020/9/your-wedding-covid-19 Sun, 20 Sep 2020 11:49:31 GMT
Setting your photography business up to survive the pandemic https://www.darbydollphotography.com/blog/2020/5/1 During times of drought, we must prepare for times of abundance.

I posted this status early this morning on my facebook, it reminded me to stay motivated. This will end eventually,  will your photography business survive?   I am confident mine will.  We will pull through this.  I wanted to share with others the steps I am taking to really ensure this.   

I wake up early, this is my business time, You may be more of a night owl and thats ok.  Whatever time is best for you make sure you are setting aside dedicated work time.  Time to reflect, time to focus and time to work.  The work you put in now will pay off and serve for a more abundant future.

First thing I do each morning is create a focus list by writing down my intentions for each day, this helps me to stay on task and lays out all of my tasks in front of me.   (Me personally I write this all down,  there's something satisfying about using a notepad and pen and physically marking off each task click to find --->> My favorite notepad )  



Now is the time for marketing.  Reevaluate what works for your business and what did not. With an uptick in cancelations and postponements it is more important than ever to make sure when you do invest the funds you have them doing the most work possible for you.  Make sure to also assess your marketing budget to determine what is best for you and your current situation.

When marketing aim for the future. Adjust your contracts to reflect that session dates are subject to change.

Booking for the future and taking deposits for these sessions can help keep you afloat until business is back in full swing. 

Stay Connected:

Do not forget your previous clients, it is more cost effective to sell to existing clients then acquire new ones.  Be genuine, check on your clients let them know you are still there & you care.  Send out weekly or even biweekly newsletters.  

Improving online presence:

It is a great time to upload those photos that maybe you were too busy to upload and post before, write that blog you have been putting off,  work on metadata and seo.  There are currently more people online then ever right now,  take advantage of that.  


Some resources for photographers you havn't heard of yet:

PPA has unlocked there education: go learn for free

Documentary relief fund for freelancers

The IWMF's Journalism Relief Fund is open to women-identifying journalists in dire straits

Emergency fund for jouranlist

Prix Levallois

artist relief

Harpo Foundation

NC Artist Relief



(Darby-Doll Photography) charlotte Corona Covid-19 gastonia north Carolina photography https://www.darbydollphotography.com/blog/2020/5/1 Fri, 01 May 2020 13:39:23 GMT
Gaston County North Carolina's top locations for engagement sessions! https://www.darbydollphotography.com/blog/2020/2/gaston-county-north-carolinas-top-locations-for-engagement-sessions When you want a unique location for your engagement photos in Gaston County, NC 

When engaged couples ask for suggestions on unique photo locations around Gastonia, I always recommend choosing a place that best represents them as a couple. Is there a place that holds special memories? Where your fiance popped the question? Or a place that represents your favorite thing to do together? Maybe the location where you first met or had your first date? Go with that — it’s symbolic! I have to be honest, I struggled to narrow this post to just a few Gastonia engagement photo locations.

If you’re still struggling and looking for that perfect spot for photos, then here are a few of my favorite unique photo locations for engaged couples (in alphabetical order, because I can’t play favorites).  I still find fun new venues and breathtaking locations every day! So this is not a definitive list, and you can always reach out to us to help brainstorm your unique location based on your unique couples story!


Cavendish Brewing Company

When you hear the words "Let's do engagement pictures at a brewery" a few things come to mind...

Is it going to be packed? How deep can we get into the brewery? And most importantly, do they have good beer?!

For those looking for a fun alternative this would be it! 

Cavendish is the first brewery located in the city of Gastonia, North Carolina, opening it’s doors on April 22nd, 2017. Specializing in Old World beers, particularly ones not currently featured by many small American breweries, Cavendish Brewing combines an extensive knowledge of historical beer recipes with modern brewing techniques.  

Crowders Mountain

Crowders Mountain is one of two main peaks within Crowders Mountain State Park, the other peak being The Pinnacle. The park is located in the western Piedmont of North Carolina between the cities of Kings Mountain and Gastonia 

Crowders Mountain does require a permit which is $35 and can be found here!


Dallas park

Such a nice little park tucked away right near Gaston College,  This is perfect for those outdoorsy shots without a big hike! 

Kisses from all anglesDallas Park, Gaston County NC

Downtown Gastonia

Engaged!Downtown Gastonia NC


 Schiele Museum

Unfortunately we were unable to make contact with the director before our shoot there so were unable to photograph inside the museum but we still got some amazing shots outside! 

We did search their site and can not find any information on how much they generally charge for photographing inside but will update everyone if we do hear back! 


Stowe Botanical Gardens

the botanical gardens are such a joy to photograph at, we were really blown away!  The day we arrived was so cold so the orchid conservatory was a pleasure to photograph in!  we stayed warm and toasty and got some memorable photographs.

Daniel Stowe Botanical Gardens does charge a fee (which is very understandable considering their gorgeous location)  to learn more about their photo policy's click here.



Stay tuned for a more in depth look at our most recent engagement sessions! 

(Darby-Doll Photography) charlotte engagement gastonia married NC north Carolina photography wedding https://www.darbydollphotography.com/blog/2020/2/gaston-county-north-carolinas-top-locations-for-engagement-sessions Sun, 16 Feb 2020 15:08:57 GMT
Put Some Bounce in Your Step ...and Your Hair https://www.darbydollphotography.com/blog/2020/2/bounce-your-hair Before your boudoir shoot, a blowout is an invaluable way to boost your confidence and optimize your look! You’re always gorgeous, but if you want to have that extra bounce in your step & your hair on the day of your photoshoot, a blowout is a simple trick.  Before coming in for your boudoir session, I recommend getting a professional blowout done the morning of or day before and here is why…

  1. Blowouts are agood chance to soak up some justified self-care it's a fun way to sneak in some salon-quality conditioning treatments that you wouldn’t normally do at home. They can breathe life back into your hair between cuts and are especially helpful when you need to look polished on short notice. The client we’ve posted images of in this blog came in and I could sense the pep in her step. She had come in with a fresh blow out and also used the living proof full volume blast giving her hair some extra volume at the roots without weighing the hair.

  2. Getting a blowout gives you clean roots that are easy to work with.

3. Besides the fact that getting a blowout means you get to have at least three days of look-at-me perfect hair, getting it done the day before or the morning of your boudoir shoot will leave you with super clean roots that can handle a sexy flip with natural volume and bounce.

When you come in the day before or the day of your shoot, we’ll style your hair with glammed up curls and make sure that your hair looks as smooth and healthy as possible on camera. When you get a blowout ahead of time, your curls and other products have better staying power so that your hair stays put during your boudoir shoot (and you’ll be checking yourself out in the mirror all day long!).

4. Blowouts make your hair look shiny and healthy in photos

Even if you’re diligent about using sulfate- and paraben-free hair products (sulfates and parabens can strip and dull your hair) and think you know how to create a blowout that rivals a professional service, you should still consider a salon blowout before your shoot.

The camera makes dull hair more noticeable than it appears in person, and shiny hair that moves naturally and feels fresh is going to boost your confidence on the day of your boudoir shoot.

Ready for your closeup?

We love helping you get ready for your boudoir shoot and making sure you get the most out of your time here at the studio. We have many salons close by for blowouts but one that we really love is Running With Scissors Salon in Gastonia NC and it’s just a couple of blocks from the studio. If you have any questions at all about how to prepare for your boudoir shoot, always feel free to give us a call!


(Darby-Doll Photography) boudoir charlotte gastonia lingerie NC north Carolina photography https://www.darbydollphotography.com/blog/2020/2/bounce-your-hair Sat, 01 Feb 2020 11:12:18 GMT
The Best Local Lingerie Shops https://www.darbydollphotography.com/blog/2020/1/the-best-local-lingerie-shops The 3 Best Lingerie Shops in Charlotte

Looking for lingerie feels different than any other shopping. Maybe it’s just the simple exhilaration of going out in public to search for something provocative that (I assume…) you will wear in private. 

Whatever the case may be, for Valentine’s Day, you want to look sexy. 

That’s why I scoured Charlotte to find the boutiques that specialize in the art of lingerie. Whether you’re looking for the most intricately hand-stitched corset or a simple, seductive bra and panty set, here is a list of CLT shops that should meet anyone’s V-Day needs. 

I C London

Where They Are:

4310 Sharon Rd T13, Charlotte, NC 28211

(704) 377-7955                                                                                                                                    

What They Do Best

The staff was incredibly sweet and knowledgable. It was the kind of experience I want when I enter a lingerie boutique. It smelled amazing. There were candles lit, a beautiful table display, and many of the pieces were works of art. While most of their lingerie is on the pricier end, the sales associate was quick to inform me there are items for everyday use, like a classic bra and panty. She also mentioned that many of the Teddies pieces are for meant for life's most special moments. I definitely agree.  They specialize in custom bra fittings for all sizes.








E Martini

Where They Are

532 Governor Morrison St

Charlotte, North Carolina

(704) 442-5535

What They Do Best:

This boutique caters to a diverse clientele: brides, college students, hipsters. They have a large "sale" rack, so it's the perfect time to shop there. They also have an annual in-store Valentine's Day event coming up. Specializing in fine lingerie and swimwear










Ti-Gi's Lingerie

Where They Are:

1858 S Main St

Kannapolis, NC 28081 

(704) 938-8600                                                                                         

What They Do Best:

A more affordable option with a wide variety, Ti Gi's also offers layaway payment plans! 





Now I would love to hear from you! What are some of your favorite lingerie boutiques? Any questions? Make sure to comment below to tell me what you think of these great Valentine's Day options!


(Darby-Doll Photography) boudoir charlotte gastonia lingerie NC north Carolina photography https://www.darbydollphotography.com/blog/2020/1/the-best-local-lingerie-shops Fri, 24 Jan 2020 15:35:25 GMT