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The one thing we knew we wanted when planning our wedding was once in a lifetime pictures. 

Selecting Darby Doll Photography was sort of an act of fate. We had seen the most breathtaking picture while thumbing through a wedding magazine and could not get it out of our heads. We ripped it out, put it on our inspiration board, and left it as “inspiration” for the photographer we would end up hiring. After a few meetings with photographers, we started to realize no one was able to really give us the dramatic, once in a lifetime photo experience that we were wanting. After combing the internet for the owner of the image, we finally found that it was a Sal Cincotta picture and immediately contacted the team for a meeting. Not only were the pictures incredible, but their personalities were equally amazing. they were so vivacious, fun and perfect for our outgoing family and friends.

From that moment on, everything was first class.

-Rob & Devin DeNofio


We knew that we wanted the best!

I can’t say enough about how amazing Darby, Emily and their team are! To be honest, I picked them out before I was even dating my now-husband. I knew Darby would be my photographer, and that I would do anything to make that happen. Of course, I had to do my due diligence and research other photographers, mainly because I live in Utah and had all of the friends, family, coworkers… strangers… come out of the wood works to tell me “who I should hire!” No. Not one of them stood up to Darby’s standard of work. Not to mention that he went well above and beyond by flying out to Utah not only once, but TWICE to do our engagements and our first look/wedding day photos and video. 

We knew that we wanted the best because we’ve heard plenty of horror stories about bad wedding photographers, and that being the one thing people wished they could change about their wedding day. So we made the photography and videography our priority. 

10/10 would hire again. And again… and again.

Love you guys so much, thank you for going above and beyond to make our special day SO much more special!

~Alex + Carisa

Wedding day of our dreams!

~ Deanne

I really put wedding pictures as #1 on the list of most important for our wedding. It is the only thing you will take with you, the only thing you can share to glimpse at the special day for years and years to come. That is a lot of pressure for my (now) husband and I who rarely even take selfies! But, I also had in my mind images of our wedding—of capturing the essence of the day without it being so cliché, so over the top or corny. I wanted our pictures to simply be beautiful and effortless. I obsessed over Darby Doll Photography from the moment I came across their shots at Lady bird johnson wildflower center. I poured through hundreds of pictures. I just knew in my gut they were the one. 

From our engagement shoot to the very last picture of the wedding night, Darby and her team made us feel more than comfortable. Each picture was meaningful, thoughtful, and majestically shot—the drama without feeling too forced. I could not believe it was us in those photos! But, more importantly, our photos candidly reflected our love for each other in the most pure way from that day. Darby Doll Photography and their team are magical. I do not know how they did it, but I am eternally grateful they were a part of our big day and we have these photos to cherish forever.