What is Boudoir Photography? …

Boudoir  (pronounced boo-dwah) is french for “a lady’s sitting room normally next to her bedroom where she entertained privately”.  Boudoir photography is the art of taking photos of a woman as she would look in the privacy of her bedroom. She is usually wearing lingerie or nothing.  It is by no means R rated . . .more like PG-13 rated. The woman’s body is portrayed in a tasteful way that merely IMPLIES that she may be nude.  Some women may prefer to wear lingerie the entire shoot.  The goal is to capture the woman at her most sexy, and is usually given as a gift to her special someone.  More and more women are doing one of these shoots just to preserve their beauty.  Remember the Sex in the City episode when Samantha posed nude just so she could look back years from now and remember how hot she was?  You don’t have to pose nude, but you get the idea.  Whatever the reason, a boudoir shoot will certainly be fun and boost your self-confidence, whether you need it or not!  We guarantee it!

Boudoir Photography Services -- modern updates of this iconic style by including poses from fashion photography, glamour photography, pin-up photography and Boudoir poses to create a fun, and sexy approach to a sensual boudoir photography session.  

All of my packages include the following services:

  • Pre-shoot consultation
  • Professional makeup and hair styling
  • Unlimited usage rights included for all photography.  
  • No limit on number of photos taken
  • Lots of creative posing. We coach you every step of the way.
  • As many sets/costumes as possible in the time
  • CD/DVD of all images created the day of your session
  • Access to all your pictures online via our unique web proofing gallery
  • Quick turnaround of emailed proofs, usually within 2-5 business days
  • Delivery methods via high quality lab prints,  e-mail, web or high resolution CD/DVD. The choice is entirely yours.
  • Professional retouched portraits each image you order has my unique style of Make me beautiful post-production to create Digital Perfection.  
  • Choose from color, black & white or sepia tone at any time after your photo session at no extra charge.
  • Additional prints are easily available for purchase through your personalized private online gallery



Digital Perfection

I am all about retouching, Retouching is an important part of the boudoir shoot experience and is included in every boudoir package for fixing up all those little cosmetic things that make us self-conscious. Everybody has things that make them self-conscious, even the beautiful people that grace the covers on magazines and don’t forget they ALL get retouched.


Value Boudoir Package - $215

- All of the standard services
- A maximum shoot time of 2 hour
- 5 retouched portraits 5x7 high quality lab prints


Bronze Boudoir Package $280

- All of the standard services
- A maximum shoot time of 2 hours
- Select one of the following:

  • (12) retouched portraits 5x7
  • (1) 8.5'x11' 20 page Hard cover book including (12) retouched portrait


Gold Boudoir Package - $345

- All of the standard services
- A maximum shoot time of 2 hours
- Select one of the following:  

  • (17) retouched portraits 8x12 
  • 20 retouched portraits 5x7 or
  • (1) 8.5'x11' 20+ page Hard cover book including (20) retouched portraits or
  • (1) 11x11" 20 page Hard cover book including (17) retouched portraits


Platinum Boudoir Package - $560

All of the standard services
-  A maximum shoot time of 4 hours
- Professional Hair & Makeup Styling second look
- Select one of the following:

  • 24 retouched portraits 8x12 or smaller
  • A 11"x11" 20-25 page Hard cover book including the 24 retouched portraits